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Keeping Your Home Neat and Clean During A Custom Remodel

May 05, 2023

I have completed over 1000 custom kitchens and custom home remodels and helped homeowners through the process from conception to completion. The majority of people choose to live in their home during the construction process. It’s important to work with the right team to manage and organize all of this.

I offer homeowners a superior quality 5-Star stress-free experience that provides a neat and clean jobsite during the remodel experience. I go out of my way to make sure the jobsite is organized and safe and I also put up barriers to keep clients and pets out of the work area. Along with me personally managing the job, I pay extra attention to these details because this is what matters when you are in someone’s personal space.

- One of the most important things I stress to clients is to purge before you pack. Get rid of everything except the things you want to keep.

- During a remodel, I take extra time to provide partitions so homeowners and pets don’t accidently wander into the work area. The first priority is safety. We build a separate entrance so that the crew is not crossing paths with the residents and can come and go in the early hours without disturbing the client’s morning routine.

- The next thing we do is help the client set up a temporary kitchen outside the work area. Sometimes this involves having a sink indoors and access to an outdoor barbecue area. We also recommend setting up a long 6 foot table with the go to items they need to start their day, which is your coffee pot, microwave, toaster oven and a small refrigerator.

- Every day at the end of the job, we make sure the job is broom clean and spotless.  We also do a once over in the living quarters where the dust may have leaked out.

- Once the dust in the house has been contained, we put it into buckets. When transferring the buckets to a dumpster or trash truck outside, dust can get everywhere. We contain it by spraying water on top of the dust after it’s put into the buckets.

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